Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick Already Reverting To Old Ways

By Matt Lombardo
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick‘s message Thursday afternoon was clear: Get your tickets ready for another go-round on the “Michael Vick Experience.”

It’s no secret that Vick’s durability has been called into question after the 12-year veteran has only completed a full 16-game season once in his career and has sat out 13 games in the last three years. However, that hasn’t stopped him from looking forward to returning to his dual-threat form both as a passer and runner.

Vick has watched the game evolve around quarterbacks who can put as much pressure on opposing defenses with their legs as their arm, and he wants back in on that aspect of the game. In Chip Kelly‘s high octane offense that has several read-option components, Vick’s mobility may very well have been the attribute that pushed him over the top in this summer’s competition for the starting quarterback job.

“I’m going to have the opportunity to do what I want to do in this offense and run the football,” Vick said. “And yes, I will be a threat.”

The recently named starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles explained that he had bulked up to 220 pounds by doing “1,000 push ups and 1,000 sit ups every day.”

“The mobility,” Vick said. “It just gives you an extra facet of the game that is kind of hard to stop at times.”

Getting his body into peak physical condition certainly won’t hurt Vick’s chances at surviving a full season for only the second time in his career. That’s something he credits Kelly, who called Vick the top performer in terms of the offseason conditioning program earlier in the day on Thursday, for.

“I never felt like I was out of shape,” Vick said. “I felt like looking back now and the way I feel as of today, I think I was kind of under weight and could have been a lot stronger. Coach challenged me to get back into tip-top shape and to get back to playing from where he knows I can be successful at.”

Vick also pointed out Thursday that he was intending to watch tape with DeSean Jackson that afternoon, and that it was the first time in years the pair have done that together. It certainly wouldn’t hurt that duo to spend more time in film study to eliminate some of the 33 turnovers Vick has committed the past two seasons.

While Vick’s injuries have mostly occurred while he was in the pocket the past few years, his concussion suffered against the Dallas Cowboys last season came while he was on the run. Vick’s inability or reluctance to slide has put him in harms way throughout his career. If he is going to be as much of a running threat as he hopes, making that pivotal adjustment as well as maintaining better ball security to prevent fumbles will be crucial for Vick moving forward.

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