Questions Concerning Philadelphia Eagles' Defense Heading Into Saturday

By williambontrager
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said on Wednesday that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Jaguars ranked first and second in the league in fewest amount of time in between offensive snaps during the preseason. So it is very safe to say that there will be a lot of snaps on Saturday when the birds face a depleted team in central Florida.

This is a great challenge for the defense to step up and show some different rotations.

The Birds’ defense has been a huge question going into the preseason. After this game, the roster will be sliced down to 75. Veteran linebackers Trent Cole and Brandon Graham are reportedly making the transition to 3-4 smoothly and growing more comfortable backpedaling. Is there enough progression to stay on a mutating defense that requires speed over strength?

Is Nate Allen going to prove to fans and coaches alike that Andy Reid didn’t waste his second-round pick? Will Brandon Boykin be the constant nickel? Which rookie linebackers and defensive ends will shore up their spot? There are more questions on this side of the ball than the offense, and with good reason.

Saturday is going to be the first test to begin the winnowing process. Those that don’t fit in with defensive coordinator Billy Davis’ program will be like chaff and tossed to the winds of fate. The defense has an excellent chance to make their presence felt against a pithy Jaguars front, but who will stand out? That remains the question which can only be answered after Saturday.

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