Seattle Seahawks' Roster Moves: Preseason Is A No-Win Situation

By Todd Pheifer
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are 2-0 in the preseason, and anticipation continues to grow as the regular season draws ever nearer. Still, there are preseason games left to be played, and Seattle must face the dilemma that every team faces.

Who should play in these NFL exhibitions?

Executives, coaches, players and fans have mixed feelings about the preseason. Whenever a star player gets hurt during the preseason, there is instant uproar and a general complaint that these games are not worth the risk. And yet, teams do need to evaluate talent and give even the most experienced player an opportunity to get back into a groove.

If you are a fringe player, you want every opportunity possible, and you will treat every preseason game like it is the playoffs.

Ask any athlete or coach in any sport, at any level of the game. Practice is practice, and while practice is extremely valuable, it cannot replicate the game atmosphere. In practice, you run the play in a controlled environment, just as it was drawn up. In a game, the other team picks the route and takes it for six.

For the Seahawks, it has been a fairly tough summer in terms of injuries. When you look at the list of players that are not ready to go, there is reason for concern. This is particularly true for defensive linemen such as Tony McDaniel and Jordan Hill, but there are plenty of others that may start the reason on the wrong foot. Speaking of feet, Zach Miller could use a bit of healing in his.

Granted, there is the reality that some coaches hold out players in a very strategic manner. Players need to get into a rhythm, but there is a reason that the starters like Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch come out of the game early. There is no point risking the season so that a star can get to play in one more series.

Therefore, it is hard to gauge whether the Seahawks are going to have a problem when it comes to player health. For now, the dilemma remains. The preseason is a time of mixed feelings and varied strategies. Many questions will be answered the first week of the regular season.

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