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5 Reasons Why Chip Kelly’s Offense Will Work in the NFL

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Chip Kelly's Offense Will Work

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His football team has yet to take a regular-season snap with his offense, but new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has already come under fire from "experts" about why his offense will or will not work. I'm here to tell you that his offense will certainly work in the NFL. The only question that should be asked is for how long?

Each year, the NFL gains a new wrinkle in its traditional under-the-center style offense. With the emergence of quarterbacks Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, the newest wrinkle uses the athletic ability of the quarterback. Rollouts, read-options and QB draw plays are only going to be seen more by defenses.

Coincidentally, as teams continue to mold a system around their quarterback, the quality of play from the overall team has improved. While all three players were in their first year as their team's starting quarterback, they all took them to the playoffs. Kaepernick took his San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl, where they eventually lost.

In Philadelphia, Kelly brings a fast and quick hitting offense to the Eagles. In Oregon, he used the speed and agility of the Oregon Ducks' players to wear down opposing teams. He relied on the stamina, mental and physical, of his team to run such a complex offense.

With the Eagles, Kelly is coming into a situation where he can implement his offense to their strengths. Sure, they have a defense that isn't exactly feared and an offensive line that gives it's own quarterback nightmares. But, the Eagles really are one of the best teams for Kelly to implement his offense on.

The following are five reasons why Kelly's offense will work in the NFL. Some have to do with the players he has, and some have to do with the rest of the NFL. Remember folks, that nothing is ever definite. This topic can be debated all day, however, it will be evident in a couple weeks if Kelly's offense is going to take the NFL by storm.

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Michael Vick

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Chip Kelly's offense needs a quarterback that can run as well as throw. While he's got some years on him, Kelly brings in an offense that plays to Michael Vick's strengths without even needing to make a change. He's got the experience and the mental capacity to handle a new offense, and he's athletic enough to run this one specifically.

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Offensive Line

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On paper, this line would be awful one-on-one. Last season proved that this offensive line is awful in a one-on-one situation. What is the best thing you can do with an offensive line that is small but athletic? You move them around. The Eagles' offensive line could thrive this year. The defensive line will be forced to move around the field a lot, and that will tire them out. The Eagles draft Lane Johnson with their top pick, and he's definitely a positive addition to that offensive line.

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The Weapons

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The people that Vick will have to throw to fit well with this offense. Tight end Brent Celek is big, strong and athletic. DeSean Jackson is a lightning bolt, and LeSean McCoy is a great asset out of the backfield. Also, he'll have Riley Cooper, even though many believe he shouldn't be an option. Losing Jeremy Maclin, however, has put the Eagles in a bind, and was likely a contributing factor to them holding on to Cooper.

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It's New

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Change can sometimes be a good thing. In this instance, it can pay off in spades. Kelly brings an offense that hasn't been seen before by the NFL, and it will be difficult to stop. Eventually, defensive coordinators will figure out how to stop it. For the time being, it'll do some real damage.

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Chip Kelly

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The guy is a winner. While he wasn't able to win the grand prize, a National Championship, in college, he was responsible for Oregon's rise to the top of college football. He's a tough coach that doesn't take no for an answer, and has proven that he can make the adjustments to fit his team best. If there's a fix that needs to be made, Chip Kelly has the tools to do it. He'll make it work somehow, and make a winner out of the Philadelphia Eagles.