Are The Chicago Bears A Super Bowl-Caliber Team?

By Will Gellman
Cutler & Forte
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have always been among the NFL‘s most dangerous defenses. Now, the offense seems to be clicking on all cylinders thus far in the preseason. Between the running game, the improving offensive line, the change in head coach to bring in Mark Trestman and Jay Cutler seemingly making strides this year, this team could accomplish great things in 2013.

This was evident in Friday night’s preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. In the game, the Bears dominated across the board. The starting defense held the Raiders to just three points, which they scored at the very end of the half. The offense did not disappoint either, scoring a whopping 27 points in the first half alone with a combination of running, passing and defense.

Although the team was playing the lowly Raiders, I still think this performance was very impressive. I am so impressed by what I have seen from the team, especially tonight, that I believe they could reach and perhaps win the Super Bowl in 2013.

There are several reasons why. First of all, this defense, anchored by veterans Julius Peppers and Lance Briggs, is among the NFL’s best even with the loss of long-time Bears’ inside linebacker Brian Urlacher.

They can rush the passer, defend the run and defend the pass with a formidable secondary. For several years, the weakness that has plagued this team has been lack of an offensive line and inconsistent quarterback play. This is where I believe Trestman and the offensive line additions come into play.

He has spent the offseason working with Cutler on a new west coast scheme, allowing him to get rid of the ball faster. This has made the offensive line’s inconsistency less of a problem so far. He may have finally tapped into Cutler’s potential, making him the quarterback many hoped he would be.

Not only that, but the addition of rookie guard Kyle Long has improved the offensive line by leaps and bounds so far. This will allow the running game, which has also been stellar thus far in the preseason, to benefit in addition to the passing game.

If the Bears’ passing success can translate into the regular season, and their defense and ground game can continue to excel like in years past, this team can and very well may win the Lombardi Trophy in 2013. They would become a balanced team that would be very hard to stop.

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