Can Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Stay Healthy?

By Ryan Wenzell
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly‘s read-option, high-paced attack looks like the perfect fit for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. The biggest question is with the potential higher rate of hits the quarterback may be taking in this offense with the option to run or throw is, can Vick last an entire season in this offense?

Durability has been Vick’s biggest problem and it has plagued him throughout his mercurial career. He has played in all 16 games only one time. Vick is the ultimate competitor and he will always fight for that extra yard or scramble around to keep a play alive, but this works to his detriment a lot of the time. Sometimes the smart play is the safe one. Sliding down when the defender is hot in pursuit or throwing it away on third down and punting instead of trying to make something out of nothing will see Vick last longer out on the field.

To Kelly, a quarterback and frankly any player’s best ability is durability. This goes tenfold for Vick. He needs to prove to Kelly that he can be a consistent weapon in this offense, but more importantly, he needs to prove to the head coach that he can stay healthy and finally last a 16-game season.

Luckily, for the Eagles, they have a pretty darn good back up in Nick Foles, who proved he could run the offense effectively in case Vick gets dinged up, which seems to be a yearly occurrence.

Things have lined up great for Vick. He was given a second chance by the franchise he wanted to stay with and in an offense that suits his dynamic skill set to perfection. Now is the chance to go out and prove that the faith the franchise bestowed upon him wasn’t all for naught. Stay healthy, No. 7, and this team could potentially go as far as you take them.

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