New York Jets Unleash Latest String Of Embarassments

By Josh Sippie
Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

From guarantees to tattoos, from hot dogs to interceptions, the New York Jets have been the laughingstock of the NFL for at least the past couple of years. With Rex Ryan always quick to show that he’s the ringleader and Mark Sanchez primed to flourish as his sidekick, the only questions that abound are who will play the supporting cast.

What happened this time?

Well, naturally, it involves poor Mark Sanchez, the first round pick that just can’t cash in on his team’s misplaced faith in him. Sanchez appeared on the injury report with a ‘grisly’ infected big toe. There is a corresponding video of his toe nail being pried off.

Quarterbacks coach David Lee said, “They’re digging a hole in Mark Sanchez’s toe big enough to pull a half dollar out of it ’cause he’s got some nail that’s infected.” Now if that image isn’t enough to get you to cringe, than maybe you’ve had a grisly toe as well.

When does it end for the Jets?

Not in week three of the preseason, that’s for sure.

Playing their Meadowlands roommate New York Giants, the Jets opted to start Geno Smith, whose toes were in working condition. He successfully threw three horrendous interceptions and completed a very convincing Dan Orlovsky impression when he ran out of the back of the end zone for a safety.

To make matters even more entertaining, ole grisly toe himself came into the game late and was promptly sacked on his first play behind center.

Why was he in the game?

Was it to rub salt in his wound? If he is your true starting quarterback, what business does he have playing in the game at that time? Not only that, but he got hit hard twice in sequential plays and had to be taken out of the game. Rex Ryan clearly has no clue what he is doing running a football team.

It’s going to take an enormous overhaul for the Jets to be taken seriously at any point within the next decade. Until then, though, let’s just keep enjoying them for what they are – a joke.

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