Revisiting Seattle Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl Odds, Win Total, Division Futures

By Thomas Emerick
Russell Wilson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks rolled into 2012 as very remote Super Bowl sleepers and were even rather large underdogs to take their own division, but have now finally arrived in the eyes of bookmakers and the public. Now they’re among the NFC’s preseason favorites for the first time since the Matt Hasselbeck-Mike Holmgren days of the mid-aughts.

(The first number is from Aug. 23; the second in parenthesis from roughly three months ago.)

Super Bowl Odds: 9-to-1 (8-to-1)

Division Title Odds: +120 (+125)

Season Win Total Line: 10.5 (10.5)

In the aftermath of Seattle trading for Percy Harvin and the San Francisco 49ers‘ losing Michael Crabtree for significant time, the Seahawks nearly approached even odds with the Niners to both escape the NFC and win the vaunted NFC West. Seattle reached 8-to-1 Super Bowl odds, then the Harvin surgery happened and that figured dropped to 17/2 then down to its current 9-to-1 spot. Meanwhile, the return on division title return remains slightly better than 1-to-1 as San Fran at -110.

Still, it seems the public is only growing keener on Seattle by the day as the ‘Hawks’ odds have improved marginally this offseason to win the NFC West. I’m more inclined to just sit back to watch Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick‘s squads duke it out then lay much on who might emerge victor over the course of 16 games (and/or playoffs).

I fully expect Harvin and Crabtree to become extremely useful down the stretch for the Seahawks and Niners respectively, and am confident both teams will be in good position for a playoff run when that time comes.

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