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San Francisco 49ers: 5 No-Name Players Who Could Explode In 2013

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5 No-Namers on the 49ers Who Can Explode

5 No-Namers on the 49ers Who Can Explode
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While the 2013 San Francisco 49ers roster is filled with many players who are already household names, like any other roster in the NFL, there are players on the roster who are not as well known. Trying to identify these no-name players and figure out which ones have the best chance at breaking through is a challenge. Luckily, the 49ers' first two preseason games have provided us with a glimpse at who can be those players can be.

As you go through the five players that I have identified, you will notice that I have left off a few names which would have come to mind. I have not included rookies like Eric Reid and Vance McDonald, who already have some name value as a result of their draft positions. This also applies to rookie wide receiver Quinton Patton, who made a name for himself right after he was drafted by showing eagerness to already get started even though the collective bargaining rules prohibited him from doing so. Other potential names which did not make the cut are those of Quinton Dial, Tank Carradine, and Joe Looney. In the case of Dial and Carradine, they are currently on the non-football injury list and while they could contribute to the team in 2013, it is not a certainty.

As far as Looney is concerned, he may not get many chances to play given that the 49ers' offensive line is one of the best in the league with a lot of depth. While these players have not made the list, here are the five that I have chosen.

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5. Chad Hall, Wide Receiver

Chad Hall, Wide Receiver
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Coming into the 2013 season, one of the mysteries was whether or not Hall would have a chance to stick around and give himself a chance to prove that he can contribute. So far through two preseason games, Hall was shown flashes of potential production out of the slot receiver position. Hall is a player that can explode for the 49ers here in the 2013 season as he can help minimize the loss of Michael Crabtree by coming in and filling a role that no one on the team has really claimed at the slot receiver position.

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4. Parys Haralson, OLB/DE

Parys Haralson, OLB/DE
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While Haralson has been a productive player for the 49ers in the past, he has since been relegated to a backup/special teams role. Entering the final year of his contract, Haralson is most certainly going to look to have a good year to earn a payday. What give Haralson the chance to explode from being a "no-name" is that he has a very good chance of getting more playing time. He could be the beneficiary of playing on the opposite from Aldon Smith. While teams will likely look to double-team Smith to prevent him from getting to the quarterback, this will give Haralson a chance to finish the job and pick up some sacks during the season.

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3. Marlon Moore, Wide Receiver

Marlon Moore, Wide Receiver
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Marlon Moore signed as a free agent with the 49ers back in March, and injuries have given him some extra snaps with the first and second team. So far in the 49ers' first two preseason games, Moore has shown that he can play with the first team come the start of the regular season. While Moore has been a virtual no-name up to this point in his career, he has all the qualities to a player that explodes in 2013 season.

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2. Corey Lemonier, OLB/DE

Corey Lemonier, OLB/DE
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So far in the preseason, Lemonier has shown that he is quickly learning to playing the outside linebacker/defensive end position in a 3-4 defense. While Lemonier was not as talked about amongst 49ers fans as others, he stands a chance at being one the most productive 49ers rookie in the 2013 season as a specialty pass rusher who comes in during third downs to rush the quarterback.

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1. Ian Williams, Nose Tackle

Ian Williams, Nose Tackle
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Ian Williams will be entering his third season as a pro. Coming into training camp, Williams was going to be in a competition with free agent signee Glenn Dorsey to see who would be the starting nose tackle. Yet, all Williams has done is shown that he is the one who deserves the job so much so that there is now very little to no discussion about the competition. He is the most certain player on the team's roster to explode this season after having been a no-name player in need of an opportunity.