Seattle Seahawks Need To Clean Up Penalties

By Todd Pheifer
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

To play a game without any penalties is a rare feat in the NFL. This is particularly true for a team like the Seattle Seahawks, as this is a squad that prides itself on their aggressive style. Therefore, there are always going to be a few penalties that occur during a game.

However, should a team rack up 182 penalty yards on 14 yellow flags against the Green Bay Packers? That is a bit much, even for an athletic and aggressive team. One assumes that Pete Carroll was not particularly happy. That is almost two football fields in length worth of penalty yards.

Also, the extracurricular activity needs to stop. Obviously this is football, and it is played by large, muscular, adrenaline-driven men. That said, does there have to be pushing and shoving after so many plays? Save the aggression for the game, not for the post-whistle brawling.

Certainly there are times when a player wants to stick up for his fallen teammate or retaliate against an opponent that is playing a little dirty. The problem is that winning is about composure. Every game is going to be a nasty, hard-fought battle. When there is a stack of guys trying to grab a loose football, all kinds of crazy antics happen at the bottom of the pile.

Because this was a preseason game, there may be some who will not worry about the penalty totals. Some guys may have been playing a little looser since it was preseason in order to test the boundaries.

The problem is that the Seahawks have to be careful that they do not start bad habits early as they start their run towards the Super Bowl. How they play now will impact how they play during the regular season. It is not always possible to just “flip a switch” and play more professionally.

They need to clean it up — now.

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