Terrell Owens to the Indianapolis Colts?

By EJ Mckinley
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts‘ owner Jim Irsay is a brash and unpredictable man. Terrell Owens is a brash and unpredictable man. So why can’t the Colts and Owens work? They could, and for Owens and the Colts, it would be a perfect match and both sides would benefit.

Before I go into depth on why the Colts should sign Owens, you’re still probably wondering why the Colts would want to sign Owens. Like I said before, Irsay is brash and unpredictable. What I really mean by this is that he is a man not afraid to take risks. He let go of Peyton Manning. Who in the world would have ever thought that even possible? Owens is a risk, but Irsay isn’t afraid to jump on him.

Owens can contribute to the Colts success as a team. He might not be the same explosive player he once was, but who is after being in the league since before George W. Bush Jr. was president? The one thing Owens can do well is be a solid pass catcher and route runner. He can also be a leader. At this stage in his career, he has shown a lot of maturity. He can still go out and drive a corner hard on an in route and move the sticks for a first down.

The Colts are in need of a guy who can come in when their top-three guys need a rest. Owens is very reliable. He still possesses the ability to make plays. Even if he starts complaining and being immature about this or that, the Colts can cut him in a heartbeat. They aren’t going to sign a guy like him to anything more than the league minimum and an non-guaranteed contract.

Owens to the Colts might not be a real likely occurrence at this point, but could be very soon. As the season starts and injuries add up, the Colts are going to be looking for a guy to come in. Owens could be a really valuable accusation. He’s cheap, ready and waiting.

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