Chip Kelly's Decision To Name Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles' Quarterback Premature?

By Ryan Wenzell
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

When Michael Vick was named the starting Quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, it didn’t come with much backlash from the fans or the local media, as Vick seems to outplay his counterpart in both games.

However, in the dress rehearsal and tune up for the regular season Vick seemed to revert back to his old ways, while Nick Foles looked impressive again in leading 50 and 99 yard touchdown drives in the fourth quarter.

Vick regressed back to the old Vick; he made a few poor decisions on a terribly ill-advised interception on what should have been a throw away. He held the ball entirely too long even when he did complete balls, and left the offensive line out to dry a few times because he was indecisive. He still lacks the anticipation needed from a top quarterback in throwing a receiver open, as opposed to his style of waiting for the receiver to get open.

Foles methodically led the team down the field with ease. He seemed to play with in Chip Kelly‘s offense instead of playing sand lot football, which Vick is prone to doing. It seems to me that Kelly should have drawn out the process for the full three preseason games. Kelly has said that Vick will not have to look over his shoulder this season at quarterback.

However, if he keeps turning the football over and holding onto the ball too long, two cardinal sins as a Kelly quarterback, the head coach will have no choice but to pull the trigger on benching Vick and starting Foles.

Kelly has the luxury of having two starting caliber quarterbacks on his roster.  Based on last night, he may have to put his backup to use sooner than everyone realizes.

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