New York Jets Win The Snoopy Bowl ...Too Bad Nobody Cares

By Steven Carollo
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the New York Jets defeated their “fake” rival New York Giants in overtime in the third preseason game for both teams by a final score of 24-21.

I say fake rival since both teams only face each other in the regular season once every four years and have never met in the Super Bowl, thus making this feud strictly among the fans and not actually between the two teams. That is unless Jets head coach Rex Ryan opens his mouth to add gasoline on the fire.

But anyway, as a Jets fan myself, I am disgusted about the 24-21 win and for any Jets fans to say this was a good win is just lying to themselves.

For one, the scores in preseason games mean absolutely nothing. Secondly, the Jets proved they have zero running game as their running backs combined for 40 yards total. And finally, both Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez stunk to high heaven, making it pretty obvious that the Jets do not even have the shred of a franchise quarterback wearing their uniform.

Smith did throw a touchdown last night against the Giants, but he also threw three ugly interceptions in which he telegraphed his passes and failed to pick up Giants defenders. You can say all you want about rookie mistakes, but it’s impossible to teach football instincts and Geno has very little.

So what about Sanchez?

Well, since Smith was inactive in last week’s preseason game, he played the majority of the game and even went into the fourth quarter. Sanchez did come in however, and was sacked on his first snap, and then fumbled a perfectly good snap a few plays later which gave the Giants the ball in Jets territory. In the next possession, Sanchez took a hard hit and landed on his shoulder, which forced him to leave the game to have X-rays taken.

So this embarrassing quarterback competition is now an even bigger joke as Smith might be handed the job by default if Sanchez has to miss time, and what is really scary is that at this point, I’d rather Sanchez start because I think he is the better of the two quarterbacks.

Yes, I said it — told you it was going to be scary.

After the game, many fans and reporters questioned why Ryan would even put Sanchez in the game in the fourth quarter with all of the Jets backups on the offensive line. Do you honestly expect Ryan to make sense?

All last night’s game proved is that both of the Jets’ quarterbacks are horrible and that Rex Ryan is a glorified cheerleader who poses as a head coach. Oh wait, we already knew that.

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