Seattle Seahawks Preview: The road to a 12-4 Record

By Todd Pheifer
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason predictions in the NFL can be extremely tough, simply because the league is one of fluctuating balance. Teams that were poor the previous year can suddenly put it all together and reverse their fortunes in just one season. In addition, the violent nature of the NFL is such that major injuries can be hard to overcome, particularly if stars go down.

On paper, the Seattle Seahawks have the talent to put together a special season. They have Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and a great defense. This is where you insert overused sports phrases such as “this is why they play the games.” If the ‘Hawks went 16-0, it would be surprising from the standpoint that this is a difficult feat. However, based on talent and hype, it would not be a shock.

For the sake of making a prediction, let’s go with 12-4 for a projected record. Given the strength of the team and the definitive home field advantage, it is reasonable to predict that Seattle could go 8-0 at home. This will obviously not be easy, but it is certainly something that can be accomplished.

This leaves a 4-4 road record, which is perhaps more conservative compared to the prediction about success at CenturyLink Field. Start with the guess that Seattle could lose to either the Houston Texans or Indianapolis Colts when they play back-to-back road games on September 29 and October 6. Add in a lapse of concentration and predict that Seattle loses one of two back-to-back divisional games on October 17 and 28 against the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams.

Despite the desire for revenge, figure the Seahawks might lose to the Atlanta Falcons on November 10. Or, they could take down Matt Ryan and company and then lose to the New York Giants on December 15. Just for the sake of divisional balance, assume that Seattle might lose on the road to the San Francisco 49ers on December 8.

Sound like a reasonable list? Obviously this could go very differently. Seattle could actually lose at home, or they could turn out to be road warriors in 2013.

Regardless, it could be a very interesting season. 16-0? Very tough, but certainly possible.

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