Seattle Seahawks’ Stephen Williams Proving he Deserves to be No. 3 on Depth Chart

By Michael Terrill
Will Seattle Seahawks’ Stephen Williams be No. 3 on Depth Chart
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Stephen Williams is on a mission to prove to the coaching staff that he deserves to be the No. 3 receiver on the depth chart. The second-year player has dominated throughout the summer, while his performance in the team’s third preseason game was flawless.

Williams went above and beyond once again by hauling in two receptions for 58 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown occurred on a 42-yard pass that was the eventual game-winner for the Seahawks in the 17-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers. Williams has made it a habit to catch the deep passes, which will certainly do wonders for an already talented Seahawks offense.

“I’m big on deep passes and yards after the catch, that’s something I take pride in,” Williams said, according to “I tell myself every day when I get on the field, ‘Dominate the deep balls.’ ”

On the touchdown grab on Friday night, Williams had to make a slick play to haul in the pass. He managed to go over the top of cornerback Loyce Means and save quarterback Brady Quinn from tossing an interception.

“I saw the ball coming and just thought, ‘I can’t let him have this interception,’ ” Williams told “So I just reached out.”

It was a great play that sums up what Williams has been able to do since he arrived in Seattle this year. At this point, the Seahawks have to hope that his multiple catches of 38 yards or more will transition into the regular season. One thing is for sure, the 27-year-old certainly deserves as much playing time that comes his way once the 2013 season officially kicks off.

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