Tony Romo Looks Poised For Great 2013 Season

By Jake Carapella
Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows that when a team loses, the blame falls mostly on the quarterback. When a team fails, the quarterback is the one who has to face the questions. He’s the leader of the team and the main face.

In Dallas, that is magnified ten fold with quarterback Tony Romo. Throughout his career as a starter that dates back to halftime of a Monday night game in 2006, Romo has been unquestionably the most scrutinized quarterback in all the NFL. Whether it’s a game clinching interception like in 2007 against the New York Giants in the divisional round, last year in week 17 against the Washington Redskins, or a bobbled routine field goal snap in the 2006 Wild Card round against the Seattle Seahawks, Romo has had his fair share of big game blunders that have led to his reputation as a “very good quarterback who can’t win when it counts”.

Critics and those not fans of the Dallas Cowboys will say that Romo will always be that way, that he’ll never get over that hump. But Cowboys fans would be inclined to say that it has to happen sooner or later, that Romo has to turn that corner.

Cowboys fans have seen this movie before, but if this preseason is any indication, Romo looks like he could be great in 2013, and maybe finally get his team over that hump.

In one half last night against the Cincinnati Bengals, Romo was 13-of-18 for 137 yards and two touchdowns. In the team’s second preseason game against the Oakland Raiders — Romo’s first this August — he was 6-of-8 for 88 yards.; that’s seven incompletions in three quarters of play. People will say it’s just the preseason, but you can’t ignore those stats.

With Dez Bryant expected to emerge as a great receiver this season, Jason Witten a consistent presence at tight end, Miles Austin still productive, and rookie Terrence Williams in the fold, Romo has enough weapons to be great.

He also has talked ad-nauseum about leadership, and Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett have talked about the increased role in the offense Romo will have this season.

Combine those factors with his great play in the preseason, and he sure looks ready to be great this season.


Jake Carapella is a Dallas Cowboys writer for RantSports. Follow him on twitter @JKCSports1.

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