Philadelphia Eagles: Who Stays And Who Goes At The Cornerback Position?

By Sonny Bryan
Jordan Poyer
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The Philadelphia Eagles have already cut a few players in the past couple of days to meet the 75-player mark before Tuesday at 4 P.M. There were a lot of tough decisions to be made and many more to come when they have to cut it down to 53 by Saturday.

The one area where the Eagles are going to have to make a tough decision may be at the cornerback position. We already know that Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher will not be cut, although they haven’t shown enough positive play to make fans rely on them in coverage. Brandon Boykin will obviously not be cut as well since he is one of the Eagles’ best secondary players. So the Eagles already have three they will keep on their board as the Saturday deadline approaches, but what about the others?

The Eagles have already cut cornerback Eddie Whitley who might have made the team since he was getting first-team reps early in training camp. Whitley left Saturday night’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a knee injury and it seems like it was serious since he left on crutches. This led the Eagles to cut Whitley which leaves a spot open for one of the younger guys.

One of those younger guys may be Jordan Poyer. Many fans were eager to see what the 7th-round rookie from Oregon State could bring to the table once training camp began, but unfortunately Poyer really hasn’t impressed anyone this preseason which is a bad sign. However, we know that Poyer has talent and it seemed like he has been playing a lot of “catch-up” since he’s been to Philly. Keeping Poyer may be a good decision because if you put him on the practice squad there may be a good chance a team will pick him up. Poyer lacks the straight line speed you would like to see in a cornerback, but he is highly intelligent and could help on special teams where he’ll most likely be needed.

Others like Curtis Marsh, Brandon Hughes, and Trevard Lindley, have all been kind of disappointing for the Eagles from the start. Marsh has been inconsistent for quite some time now despite having the athletic ability to play the NFL. Hughes has been a pretty good special teams player for the Eagles, but as far as playing cornerback he hasn’t done too much and the same goes for Lindley. Marsh and Hughes both have hand injuries that may prevent them from playing against the New York Jets on Thursday night which is not good since they both are trying to keep their roster spots.

With Marsh and Hughes possibly out for Thursday’s game against the Jets, the opportunity for Poyer to make this team opens up. If Poyer can show potential at the cornerback position or even make a few plays on special teams then the Eagles may not have  a choice and keep Poyer. However, if Poyer goes out there and gets torched left and right then he may get an invitation to join to the practice squad.

So with all this begin said, who will make the team at the cornerback position? As of right now, I don’t see Marsh or Lindley making the squad. Marsh has not been the guy who the Eagles thought he would after begin selected in the 3rd-round of the in 2011 NFL draft. Lindley is in the same boat as Marsh at this point. He simply has not been able to shine in any of the preseason games or training camp, so the Eagles should give him his walking papers.

Hughes, on the other hand, has been a solid special teams player so that will give him the edge in the cornerback competition. He’ll probably be ahead of Poyer on the depth chart, but he will make his living running down the field to cover punt and kick returns instead of wide receivers this season.

Who stays: Williams, Fletcher, Boykin, Hughes, and Poyer

Who’s goes: Lindley and Marsh

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