Will Denver Broncos’ Ronnie Hillman Remain Top Running Back?

By Michael Terrill
Will Denver Broncos’ Ronnie Hillman Remain Top Running Back
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman is still listed at the No. 1 back on the depth chart, a spot he has claimed all year. However, the second-year player is definitely not doing himself any favors to keep the job after dismal performances in the preseason. At this point, should the Broncos start someone else at running back in the season opener?

With the emergence of rookie running back Montee Ball and Knowshon Moreno beginning to impress once again, Denver certainly has a big decision with not a lot of time to make it. The Broncos wanted Hillman to take the reins and be the starter. Unfortunately, he has fumbled in each of the last two preseason games, both of which were returned for touchdowns. Obviously, if Denver wants to reach the Super Bowl they cannot have someone like that leading the charge out of the backfield.

“When you put the ball on the ground, and you have guys like Montee and Knowshon running the ball as well as they did [Saturday], and Lance, it kind of affects your competition,” Hillman said, according to USA Today Sports. “Those guys did a great job. It’s unacceptable, what I did. I just have to work on it.”

Ball rushed for 43 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries while also adding 27 receiving yards against the St. Louis Rams on Saturday. Meanwhile, Moreno rushed for 33 yards on five attempts with 42 yards receiving. Both players are keeping the competition fierce, which is exactly what the Broncos want. However, at this point, Denver needs a clear cut back to emerge so they know who can add balance to the team’s passing attack.

Even though Hillman has hurt Denver’s chances of winning games in the preseason, the team still believes he has what it takes to remain the top back.

“I have not lost confidence in him whatsoever,” head coach John Fox told USA Today Sports.

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