Mark Sanchez's Injury Doesn't Change Fate of New York Jets

By Andrew Fisher
Mark Sanchez
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew the New York Jets‘ quarterback situation was going to be a train wreck this season. As soon as the team drafted Geno Smith this past April, a time bomb essentially started ticking. Now just a few months later, Mark Sanchez‘s shoulder injury looks like it will thrust the rookie right into the Big Apple spotlight.

Some people are making a huge deal over Sanchez being in a preseason game so late, and while I agree he shouldn’t have been in the game – what does it really matter? The Jets are going nowhere this season, no matter who their QB is. Sanchez figured to be the week one starter and it looked like he was going to give his team the best chance to win. But win what? Three games?

The Sanchize is just not that good of a QB. He doesn’t have the skills to carry a team, especially one with a roster like the Jets. There’s very little talent around him and I still don’t think there’s anyway he’ll make it through the season once he returns. His injury, while somewhat irrelevant in the scheme of things, is still no doubt a big deal to the Jets. Smith doesn’t appear to be ready for the big stage and his career will likely get off to a rocky start as a result if Sanchez can’t go week one. That’s not a good thing for long-term growth, but at the same time, he could gain valuable experience.

Bruised shoulder or not for Mark Sanchez, the Jets are headed for a last place finish in the AFC East. On the positive side of things, this disaster of a season could lead to the No. 1 pick and Jadeveon Clowney.


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