A Banner Day For Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco In Denver

By Dan Abeshouse
Joe Flacco
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

Take a look at that beautiful banner of Joe Flacco above this text you’re reading right now. That’s what I would be saying if I were able to find a picture of it, but I can’t so deal with it. Denver Broncos fans should be lucky that they get to look at the current Super Bowl MVP of the Baltimore Ravens, but they’re not.

I know Flacco’s unibrow can be a little much, but is it really that much worse than Peyton Manning‘s Buick sized forehead? Either way there’s a banner of Manning at Sports Authority Field as well. Both banners are up and all over the city of Denver to promote next week’s opening night game between the Ravens and Broncos.

Of course they could have always put a banner up of the Jacoby Jones “Mile High Miracle” or better yet just show a looping video of that play on the big screen in the stadium with the Benny Hill theme song playing through the duration.

At least those Denver fans don’t have to look at John Elway‘s ugly mug. He looks like a demented love child of Jerry Seinfeld and Mr. Ed. Oh wait, there’s a statue of horse faced Elway outside of the stadium. And these people are complaining about Flacco?

I don’t know; I just figured if your team was awarded the opening Thursday night game that they didn’t deserve, that maybe a little Flacco poster wouldn’t bother them. Guess I was wrong. I can understand, though. If roles were reversed I’d probably be mad, but how often do you get a golden ticket to trash talk like this?

I’m sure I’ll hear some Ravens fans use this as another conspiracy theory, that the NFL is doing this to piss of the Broncos so they beat the Ravens’ heads in. And maybe it is, but I know one thing; even if the Broncos beat the Ravens by 50 points next Thursday it won’t make up for last year’s playoff game. Keep taking the Ravens lightly; I double dare you.

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