Denver Broncos Fans Should Listen to Peyton Manning, Stay Quiet

By Andrew Fisher
Peyton Manning
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Peyton Manning started a new chapter in his career with the Denver Broncos last season. It came after 14 years of success in Indianapolis. One part of that success was the Colts’ home field advantage. During Manning’s tenure, the Indy faithful became known for their ability to stay quiet while the team was on offense. It’s not something NFL fans are typically known for, but after many years of running an up-tempo scheme with lots of play-calling at the line of scrimmage, Manning had the Indy fans trained to perfection.

Now, he’s hoping for the same thing from Broncos’ fans:

“When we’re on the field on offense – I love our fans’ excitement – but if we can just find that controlled noise level. I believe we are going to go for it on some fourth downs this year and maybe not cheering when we’re going for it on fourth down – wait and see and if we get it, cheer then,” said Manning.

Some football fans are going to read those comments and become enraged. After all, football is a game all about loud fans. But when it comes to a future hall of fame QB like Manning, I think the Denver faithful will have no problem toning it down a bit.

Peyton of course made these comments in light-hearted fashion, but we all know he’s dead serious. He wants his home crowd as quiet as possible when he’s running the show – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In the scheme of things, a little more silence is a small price to pay to win games. I’m sure most Denver fans will gladly adhere to Manning’s request, especially since they know the team is a Super Bowl favorite.



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