Did Bill Belichick Bring In Tim Tebow To Put An End To Aaron Hernandez's Crime Spree?

By Will Gellman
Bill Belichick
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Aaron Hernandez situation seems to be getting crazier by the day. In the latest twist, according to Rolling Stone and Deadspin.com, the New England Patriots could have quite the mess on their hands to deal with.

According to the report, Bill Belichick, in the year prior to the Odin Lloyd murder, had started becoming increasingly fed up with Hernandez because he was missing practice and engaging in criminal behavior. The report goes on to say that Hernandez was on thin ice with the team and was one transgression away from being cut. I guess we know what the final straw was.

The article also notes that Hernandez was taking heavy amounts of Angel Dust, also known as PCP, prior to Lloyd’s killing, eventually cutting off everyone important in his life, including his teammates. He became so paranoid while taking the drug that he allegedly started carrying a gun at all times.

It is very plausible to think that his family was the driving force behind his dark ways, as it is stated in the article that most of his extended family have significant criminal records, including both his parents. His mother, according to Rolling Stone, even cheated on Hernandez’s father before his death with a known drug dealer whom she would later marry.

To say the very least, this report is alarming. Then I thought about it, and with the Patriots knowing Hernandez had gone sour, could the team have brought in Tim Tebow to rehabilitate Hernandez in anticipation of him doing something bad in the near future? Many people would find this theory preposterous.

However, if you look at the facts, Tebow and Hernandez both grew up together, even attending the same college at Florida. Tebow even helped break up a fight that Hernandez was involved in at a Florida bar in 2007. Why else would the team bring in a guy with so much controversy to be a third-string quarterback to Tom Brady of all people?

The answer could be that he is said to be responsible for turning Hernandez’s life around, at least temporarily.

Is it possible that the Patriots brought in Tebow, the good Christian that he is, to try to save Hernandez from himself before it was too late? Perhaps the most alarming thing about this story might be the fact that Belichick allegedly knew of Hernandez’s antics before Lloyd’s murder.

If this can be proven in court to be true, it is possible that Belichick and others in the Patriots organization could face legal action. Besides the day Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder, this could be the darkest revelation in the franchise’s history.

Do you believe that Tebow could have been brought in because of Hernandez? Did Belichick and Robert Kraft know something about Hernandez that they didn’t report? Did they know nothing? Feel free to comment on the subject in the “comments” section below.

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