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Getting Back on the Field is Half the Battle for Robert Griffin III

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Robert Griffin III

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Even though he suffered a devastating knee injury just eight months ago, most people still expected Robert Griffin III to be ready by week one. With hardwork and dedication to rehab, RG3 has accomplished that feat and will suit up against the Philadelphia Eagles on September 9th. His return is great news for the Washington Redskins and the NFL, in general. But getting back on the field is only half the battle for the 2012 rookie of the year award winner.

After not playing a down in the preseason, fans should expect RG3 to be a little rusty in the opener. Not seeing real live action for nearly nine months will take a toll on any player and especially a quarterback. But we’re not talking about any normal quarterback. While I’m not going to expect Griffin to be on his A-game right out of the gate against the Eagles, I still think he’ll return to form in no time. But it’s his form that must change from this point forward.

Now that he has the green light to return to the gridiron, it’s now time for RG3 to evolve his game. This means no more fighting for a few extra yards when he could just go out of bounds and it means taking no more unnecessary risks. There’s always going to be opportune times to fight for a yard or two, but Griffin has to pick his spots. There were times last year when he would just get rocked on scrambles, and that just flat out cannot happen anymore.

From 2013 forward, Griffin’s game has to be all about being a pocket passer. It won’t be a bad thing if he uses his legs to his advantage to avoid tacklers, but running should be his last option.

Robert Griffin III is back, and that’s great, but now the real work begins.



Robert Griffin III Cleared To Play Week One

RG3 to Follow in AP’s Footsteps


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