Why Buffalo Bills Fans Need To Jump Back To Reality

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Head Coach Doug Marrone announced Tuesday that it’s a high possibility that undrafted rookie free agent Jeff Tuel will start Week 1 against the New England Patriots. The Bills front office does a great job in keeping their fans optimistic heading into the season even though the Buffalo Bills haven’t attained a playoff spot in 13 years.

But honestly Bills fans, lets be realistic.

If there are delusional Bills fans out there that actually think Tuel is a blessing in disguise, they need to jump back to reality. Tuel, as a starter throughout his career at Washington State, went 4-22 with eight touchdowns and eight interceptions in his senior season.

“He’s never really won any games.” said Tuel’s college head coach Mike Leach, via ESPN.com. “His entire college career and maybe his high school career as well, he’s never really got into a rhythm.”

Well isn’t that supposed to cheer up Bills fans coming into opening week against a team they’ve beat only three times since 2000?

The defense did look promising coming into the season and during the first two preseason games. The line was applying pressure, and the team was forcing their opponent to make some mistakes. Then Week 3 happened. Said to be teams’ dress rehearsals for the regular season, the Bills looked as if they were a Pop Warner team.

The Bills played their first-team defense deep into the second quarter against the Washington Redskins‘ second and third-team players, and it looked as if they brought back defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt for the night. There was no applied pressure from the line, the linebackers looked lost and the defensive backs looked mediocre as expected.

Oh by the way, they lost their only promising cornerback, Stephon Gilmore, for six to eight weeks with a wrist injury.

With Week 1 quickly approaching, Bills fans are still showing optimism. It’s great to see from a great fan base like Buffalo. These fans have been dedicated to a winning season for a long time, but the Patriots still have Tom Brady and the superb genius head coach Bill Belichick.

Bills fans shouldn’t expect an upset. If you’re a fan going to the game on September 8, you might as well drown your sorrows with alcohol in the parking lot before the game because if Jeff Tuel is the apparent starter, its going to be one long and painful day for Bills fans.

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