Buffalo Bills Preseason Week 4: Detroit Lions’ Brandon Pettigrew Is The 3rd Head Of Cerberus

By Scott DelleFave
Brandon Pettigrew
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew is a huge target for quarterback Matthew Stafford and will create mismatches all season long with the targets the team has now. Pettigrew has had a bit of an injury problem recently, but in the two years he didn’t miss a game. He had at least 720 yards in each of them and that’s with elite wide receiver Calvin Johnson on the team as well.

Pettigrew is a 6-foot-5 257-pound freak of an athlete to say the least. In 2013 it is likely he will create massive match-up problems since the almighty question is who will be covering him. Since most safeties in the NFL are far too small to cover him and match him strength for strength, he will likely be covered by linebackers who can line up with him for strength. However, Pettigrew has more than adequate speed for a tight end. What confuses this discussion of coverage more-so is that in the offseason, the Lions made the wise move to sign running back Reggie Bush to a relatively cheap four year $16 million deal with only five of it guaranteed and he was the most dynamic running back on the free agent market by far.

All in all, it should be interesting to see how much Brandon Pettigrew plays versus the Bills in the final preseason game. While most people expect his night to be one series and done, Pettigrew should play three just for the sake that he could potentially take over this game.

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