NFL is Paying Up For Concussions, But is This the End of the Issue?

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports

We all knew this day was coming, but I don’t know if anyone expected it to be this soon. The NFL will reportedly pay $765 million to settle concussion-related lawsuits from over 4,500 former players. A federal judge still needs to approve the settlement, but it appears that could happen in the near future.

This is great news for those that have been affected by concussions. There was no doubt a lack of awareness on the terrible injury for years and years in the NFL, so it’s only right the league shares some of its billions to help out former players and their families. Concussions are debilitating in a way that most of us will never understand. Money is going to help out those affected, but the harsh reality is that the damage in most every case is permanent.

So while I’m glad that former players are finally getting some justice and that the NFL finally showed some accountability – what happens now? Will the league continue to settle new lawsuits on an individual basis going forward? Because we all know there are still hundreds and hundreds of players that are dealing with lingering issues from hits to the head. Or will the league wait and payout another large lump sum once it has another group of players suing them? There’s just no way to know that at this time.

This settlement is a big step in resolving the concussion issue, but it’s clearly far from being fully resolved.


NFL Finally Paying Up in Concussion Lawsuits


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