Nick Foles Should Start at Quarterback for Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles really impressed last Saturday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback marched the football right down the field twice in the fourth quarter on two long drives, one being a whopping 99 and a half yards.

This is what we have come to expect from Foles in Chip Kelly‘s offense. He is efficient and smart with the football. He may not be bombing the football down the field like his counterpart Michael Vick, but he methodically marches the troops and has led his team to touchdown drives on a consistent basis throughout the preseason.

What is impressive is Foles’ ability to command this offense. It is clear he is grasping the system and playing within the offense the better of the two quarterbacks. Vick, especially in the last preseason, game played too much hero ball and tried to make things happen instead of playing within the offense and letting the game come to him.

Foles shows rare poise for a player who his only in his second season. He also responds well to adversity as we have seen throughout the preseason as he responded with a touchdown drive on the next series after both a fumble and an interception.

To me the final preseason game cemented that Foles should start over Vick in this offense. While this will not be the case to start the regular season as Vick has already been named the starter, I believe it will eventually play out this way. Vick is making the same mistakes at 33 that he did as a rookie, and this is a big no no for Coach Kelly.

Before the season is finished Foles will be under center and starting for the Eagles.

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