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Predicting the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Regular Season Record

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Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 Regular Season Record Prediction

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The Jacksonville Jaguars come into the 2013 NFL season after a disastrous 2-14 record that had them tied with Kansas City Chiefs for the worst record in the league. The Jaguars needed help at a lot of areas on their team and addressed some of them in the 2013 NFL Draft picking up Luke Joeckel (right tackle) and John Cyprien (free safety).

Unfortunately for the Jaguars I don't feel that this will be enough to help them get back to respectability. However, with the return of Maurice Jones-Drew, I feel that the Jaguars will be in a lot of games because they will shorten the game by running the ball. Mike Mularkey will have this team ready to play this year, and I feel they will be good against the run. But their secondary needed a lot of work, and I don't think they added enough pieces to make it respectable in the end. Running the ball and stopping the run are great foundations for success, but every team needs to be able to throw the ball too.

When they throw the ball, Blaine Gabbert needs to step up in the pocket and not worry about getting hit when releasing the pass. Gabbert has the arm strength to be a quarterback in this league, and I think the healthy running game will only help the young quarterback improve on his dreadful 2013 campaign. With all that being said, I can't see many wins in the Jaguars' 2013 season. How many wins will they get? Let's go week by week to see what the Jaguars have in store for the regular season this year.

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Week 1- vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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Home against the Kansas City Chiefs and they might have a chance to come out with a win. Unfortunately, the Chiefs' defense is much improved and they win a close fought defensive battle 17-13. Jaguars 0-1 after one game.

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Week 2- At Oakland Raiders

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Week 2 against the Raiders and I have this one as a toss up. If Terrelle Pryor is Oakland's quarterback, Raiders win in a shoot out 28-24. If it is Matt Flynn, Jaguars win by dominating the run game and forcing Flynn into a lot of third and longs, 23-13. Jaguars 1-1 after two games.

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Week 3- At Seattle Seahawks

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Week 3 at Seattle and the Jaguars get blown out. They stop the run effectively but Wilson scrambles, buys time, and hits deep throws down the field against a porous secondary. 34-13 Jaguars lose. Jaguars 1-2 after three games.

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Week 4- vs. Indianapolis Colts

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Home for a divisional game and the Jaguars aren't up to scoring as many points as Andrew Luck and the Colts are going to put up. Jaguars lose 31-17. Jaguars 1-3 after four games.

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Week 5- At St. Louis Rams

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It's a defensive struggle against the Rams, and the Jaguars come away with their second victory of the season, controlling the clock and forcing turnovers against a disappointing Sam Bradford. Jaguars win 17-14. Jaguars are 2-3 after five games.

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Week 6- At Denver Broncos

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At the Broncos Week 6 and the Jaguars cannot keep up with the points scored yet again. Jaguars lose 31-17. Jaguars 2-4 after six games.

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Week 7- vs. San Diego Chargers

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Home against the Chargers and the Jaguars come away with a great victory as Maurice Jones-Drew runs right at Dwight Freeney for 200 plus yards. Jaguars win 23-16. Jaguars 3-4 after seven games.

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Week 8- vs. San Francisco 49ers

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Week 8 against the 49ers and the Jaguars get blown out as expected. They cannot keep up with the scoring and don't score much themselves. Jaguars lose 30-10. Jaguars 3-5 after eight games.

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Week 10- At Tennessee Titans

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At the Titans and the Jaguars lose this one. For the first time this year they get dominated on the ground giving up 150 yards rushing to Chris Johnson who is having a comeback year. Jaguars lose 24-13. Jaguars 3-6 after nine games.

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Week 11- vs. Arizona Cardinals

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Home against the Cardinals and unfortunately the Jaguars' strength in stopping the run doesn't come into play as the Cardinals only pass. Cardinals win 24-14. Jaguars 3-7 after 10 games.

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Week 12- At Houston Texans

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At Texans and the Jaguars lose easily as the Texans throw it deep to Andre Johnson for two touchdowns and 130 yards. Jaguars lose 31-13. Jaguars 3-8 after 11 games.

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Week 13- At Cleveland Browns

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The upstart Browns are the Jaguars' next opponent, and the Browns use play action passes to beat the Jaguars in a close but unspectacular showing by the Jaguars, 21-17. Jaguars 3-9 after 12 games.

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Week 14- vs. Houston Texans

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Home against the Texans and the Jaguars put up more of a fight than last time but still end up losing by two touchdowns, 31-17. Jaguars 3-10 after 13 games.

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Week 15- vs. Buffalo Bills

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Home against the Bills and the Jaguars need to get off of their losing streak. Unfortunately, this is not the week for them as E.J Manuel looks impressive. Jaguars lose 28-21 and fall to 3-11.

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Week 16- vs. Tennessee Titans

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Home against the Titans and this time the Jaguars win as they dominate in the running game with Maurice Jones-Drew. Jaguars win 24-16. Jaguars 4-11 after 15 games.

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Week 17- At Indianapolis Colts

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At Indianapolis Colts and the Jaguars lose another one where they cannot keep up with the points being scored. Jaguars lose 30-21. Jaguars 4-12 at the end of the regular season.