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Who is the NFL’s Second Best Running Back?

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Marshawn Lynch

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Former NFL running back Terrell Davis was asked a very good question on NFL AM recently – who is the best running back in the league, not named Adrian Peterson? Obviously, AP is the best. I’m not going to say he’s head and shoulders above everybody else, but there’s really no debating that he’s not the best. Davis’ answer, Ray Rice, probably surprised a few people, but it was still a great answer.

There are really only a handful of backs you can even put in the conversation: Rice, Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles. There are a few others knocking on the door of the discussion, but to me it boils down to Rice, Foster and Lynch.

If you look back three years and solely focus on numbers, the answer is Foster. He has 41 touchdowns and 4,264 rushing yards, Rice is next with 26 TDs and 3,727 yards, while Lynch has the least amount of yards (3,351) but still has 29 touchdowns. However, I’m going with Lynch as the second best RB in the game right now. He’s coming off a stellar 2012 campaign of 1,590 yards and 11 touchdowns, and pound for pound, he’s the best true back in the game today.

Peterson and Lynch are in a league by themselves when if comes to the ability to do it all. They can run over, up and around would be tacklers. The other backs in the discussion may have more to offer in the passing game, but just by the true definition of the position it’s: 1. All Day 2. Beast Mode.


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