Who Was "Right" in the NFL Concussion Lawsuit?

By RanterX
Roger Goodell NFL: 2013 NFL Draft
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL not only payed 4,500 former players to bash their heads in while playing football, but now the $9 billion entity will pay for the medical expenses of those same former players. The league and the multitude of litigants reached a settlement on Thursday that includes the NFL paying a total of $765 million to compensate what the lawsuit calls “victims.”

On the one hand, it’s moronic for someone to play a game like football and expect no physical consequence. On the other hand, these players weren’t given proper exams and treatment for concussions when they played, so it make sense for them to get a little help paying their medical bills.

What’s funny is the NFL has to pay each former player involved roughly $170,000 plus legal costs, but the league had it put it in writing that it admits no wrongdoing. The best part is commissioner Roger Goodell really believes that everyone will just forget about this now that his league has been “cleared” despite paying a truckload of cash to these banged-up former players. I wonder if those new rules about hits to the head will stick now that the league has been found “not guilty”.

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