Could QB Matt Simms Start Week 1 For New York Jets?

By Stephen Conway
Matt Simms
The Star Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

There is absolutely no argument whatsoever that Matt Simms had the best performance of any New York Jets quarterback this preseason.

Now, it did come in the fourth preseason game, one famously known for teams not playing their starters, but Simms’ night was extremely impressive, especially to coach Rex Ryan. Simms was 33-of-44 for 285 yards, leading the Jets to a 27-20 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

“It was really great to see if get the opportunity and take advantage of it,” said coach Ryan last night during his press conference.

Simms did indeed make the most of it, but is it enough to have his name in the talks of the potential week one starter?

Again, this is quite far-fetched, as Simms had a successful night against third- and fourth-stringers. Sure, Simms has never played close to the level of play of the starters in a regular-season game, but Mark Sanchez is injured, and Geno Smith wasn’t too impressive in his outing against the New York Giants.

The Jets want to give Smith every chance to prove himself, but when taking into account his performance, his nagging ankle injury, and the fact that Simms had a great night, it might not be so far-fetched after all.

In the days to come before opening day, there will still be much controversy over the quarterback position, and don’t be surprised if Simms’ name comes up in it. He played a heck of a game, and he deserves to at least be considered.

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