Former New York Jet Player Tweets On NFL Concussion Lawsuit

By alfredepps
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When you are a current or former NFL football player, you have the microphone to speak. In this case, former New York Jets player Kevin Mawae has used Twitter to speak his voice. The decision on the NFL lawsuit with concussions was settled yesterday with former players in the sum of $765 million dollars. Mawae let everyone know his feelings regarding the settlement.

As the current NFLPA president, you can see Mawae’s frustration through his Twitter feed. His biggest issue seems to be that the players did not go the long haul with the lawsuit and that the NFL will win monetarily in the end. In short time, though, he needs to realize that the players who never had a guaranteed contract, and are sitting at home or in the hospital on bed rest need the money as soon as possible. If this didn’t happen, we may have had another Junior Seau situation.

According to Mawae, “The NFL doesn’t have to say anything, admit any wrong doing, or even apologize… the same league that once called players ‘cattle’ and themselves the ‘herders’ have just put the herd back into the pen.”

What do you guys think? Is the NFL still the “herders” and the players still the “cattle?”

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