Jacksonville Jaguars: Jordan Todman Over Maurice Jones-Drew?

By Will Gellman
Jordan Todman
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

For years now, Maurice Jones-Drew has been a star for a Jacksonville Jaguars team that has been anemic on offense. Now, with the emergence of RB Jordan Todman in the preseason, it is fair to wonder if he could be the next Jones-Drew in Jacksonville.

Todman, who has a very similar build to MJD at 5-foot-9 193 lbs, compared to Drew’s 5-foot-7 207 lbs, has been running wild so far in the preseason while Drew has been limited. In the third preseason game, he ran for 105 yards, including a 63-yard TD run against the Philadelphia Eagles.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, he followed that performance up with nine carries for 60 yards and a TD in tonight’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.  He certainly made the most of his limited reps in the game, averaging 6.6 yards per carry in the contest.

Although Drew is the proven, unquestioned starter in Jacksonville when he is healthy, Todman has proven that he is capable of both starting and excelling, should Drew miss time.

After all, last year Drew had trouble staying on the field, playing only six games because of a Lisfranc injury.  Given his small frame, his heavy career workload, and the pounding he takes each week as a result, it would be good to have a guy like Todman carry the load to keep Drew upright.

It is not inconceivable to think that Todman could wrestle away the starting job from Drew if he comes back less than 100 percent from last year’s injury.  Drew may have to watch his back or Todman could find himself as the lead guy before too long.

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