New York Jets: Geno Smith Likely To Be Named Starter

By Jay Cullen
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It sounds like Geno Smith will get his chance.

With Mark Sanchez still nursing a shoulder injury, the Jets are preparing to move forward with Smith as the starter, at least for Week 1.

This is not exactly surprising news. When teams spend a relatively high draft pick on a quarterback, they often expect him to go out and play for their team relatively soon. Not only that, but with the Sanchez injury, there is little reason to force him out there.

Still, Smith has had a very shaky start in the preseason, culminating with a three-interception game against the New York Giants. Many New York Jets fans hoped to see Smith start this year, but with Sanchez playing well and Smith having dreadful practices, fans worried.

The move by the Jets to give Smith the starting spot is a good one. Smith did have a bad game against the Giants, but not nearly as bad as it was billed. One interception came on a tricky play by Justin Tuck, and another was pulled out of his own receiver’s hands.

Lots of writers claimed this terrible performance illustrated major faults with Smith, but really it was a rookie quarterback making rookie mistakes in a preseason game. To bench a rookie for that is to judge them on the Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, curve, which would be an extremely unfair test.

Smith is not the talent either of them are, but he has some skills and could be the quarterback for the Jets in the future.

Sanchez isn’t the answer and Smith might be — it is that simple. Whether because the Jets are finally making a good decision about offensive personnel or because Sanchez’s injury was simply well timed, Jet fans should be cautiously optimistic.

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