Philadelphia Eagles' Nick Foles Regresses in Preseason Loss to New York Jets

By Ryan Wenzell
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As impressive as Nick Foles was in Week 3 of the preseason, he was equally as ineffective in the final preseason game against the New York Jets. Sure the back up line of the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t do him any favors but much like Michael Vick last week, Foles responded poorly to pressure.

Another disturbing trend continued in that Foles once again turned the football over, failing to properly tuck and secure the football away when he was sacked early in the game. It is hard to get a read on Foles. He is a very up and down quarterback. As efficient as he has been, he hasn’t really taken a shot down the football field the entire preseason instead dinking and dunking it and working the intermediate game.

This fact may have been what led to Chip Kelly pulling the trigger on Michael Vick as his starting quarterback. As mercurial and at times frustrating as Vick can be, he has that “big play down the field” potential that right now Foles just is not displaying.

No doubt the offensive line whether back ups or starters has to play better than they showed with Foles under center as he was scrambling for his life much of the time and could never properly get his feet set. However much is learned about a quarterback when he is faced with pressure and a sense of urgency.

On this very night at least, the pressure got the best of Foles.

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