The NFL Has A Large Ego Problem On Their Hands When It Comes To Their Self-Absorbed Players

By Steven Carollo
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I absolutely love football.

I’ve been an NFL and sad New York Jets‘ fan for my entire life, but there are so many things in this league that just plain tick me off. The biggest being player celebrations.

No, I’m not talking about touchdown celebrations because that has been around for a long time and is tolerable, most of the time warranted, and even sometimes fun to watch.  What I am talking about, however, is this fairly new impulse for players to taunt, dance, and celebrate every single thing they do.

For example, I’ve seen players from, not just the Jets, but all over the league dancing and celebrating sacks and tackles while they are getting killed on the scoreboard.

Does a first down pass play in which the quarterback is sacked for a loss of five while you are down by 28 points warrant a celebratory dance and taunt by the defender?

I don’t know about you, but when that happens I always root for the offense to get the first down on the next play. I have even seen players on the defense do a dance and taunt after the offense actually gains positive yards all because it was a good tackle.

I love football, but I am really getting tired of all of the egos and “hey look at me” attitude in the NFL.

What’s next? An offensive players gains 79 yards and is dragged down by a cornerback or safety at their own 1-yard line and then proceeds to do a dance and trash talk?

I mean come on. This just doesn’t seem professional to me and is something immature teenagers would do. The NFL has become a league where a lot of their players seem to care more about how they look on the field instead of their team.

Now the coaches should take some of the blame as well, but overall you have to put the majority of it on the NFL and their allowance for these shenanigans to go on without enforcing more celebratory/taunting rules and violations.

The NFL might makes a lot of money per year, but they have some serious holes and attract too many negative/self-absorbed personalities in my opinion.

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