The Oakland Raiders should just start Matt McGloin

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Matt McGloin
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At this point, the Oakland Raiders’ quarterback competition is pointless. No matter who is named the starter, the offense is doomed.

That’s why the Raiders should just give undrafted rookie Matt McGloin the nod.

It’s not like Matt Flynn or Terrelle Pryor will fare much better, and we already know what to expect from both of them. With Flynn, the Raiders can expect no throws beyond 15 yards and plenty of unnecessary sacks. With Pryor, the Raiders can expect plenty of silly interceptions and infuriating inaccuracy, with a few impressive scrambles peppered in to add some excitement.

With McGloin, the Raiders have no idea what they’ll get.

Despite his decent amount of work during the preseason, McGloin is basically an unknown under center. Evidenced by his preseason film and time at Penn State, the rookie gunslinger has a solid arm and respectable accuracy. He doesn’t have the athleticism of Pryor, but can improvise when needed. The most important part of what he brings to the table is his leadership and ability to overcome adversity, something he excelled at during his final year with the Nittany Lions.

Instead of being the butt of every joke around the league, the Raiders could cultivate some intrigue by starting an undrafted rookie quarterback – although they wouldn’t be the only team to take that route.

Just look at his first NFL touchdown pass to Brice Butler, and you can see that the potential is there. McGloin might have three interceptions this preseason, but he also has the most touchdowns (3) and passing yards (279) of any Raiders quarterback and is averaging 8.0 yards per attempt.

He’s not afraid to take risks – unlike Flynn – and has some semblance of accuracy – unlike Pryor – which makes him the Raiders’ most intriguing option.

You want some free press, Oakland? Start McGloin and watch the media go bonkers.

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