Why Did Nick Foles Play in Final Preseason Game for Philadelphia Eagles?

By Bob Francis
Nick Foles
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterback competition has been over for more than a week, yet Nick Foles took the field and started the final preseason game for the Philadelphia Eagles. Granted, Foles is not the starting quarterback, but with the competition as close as it was and with Michael Vick’s injury history, did it really make sense for him to play? With his confidence built up from training camp and battling Vick every day for the chance to lead Chip Kelly’s coveted spread offense, Foles had nothing to gain from taking snaps behind center against the New York Jets.

There is only one possible, logical answer for starting a quarterback who could play meaningful time in Philadelphia at any point. Foles is more valuable for the Eagles to trade than to take over this offense, this season.

Although no one knows just how long Vick will stay healthy, or how successful this team will be in 2013, Foles has reached the ceiling as far as his value goes on the trade market. If the Eagles have any plans of dealing him and gaining something in the process, now would be the time to move. Kelly and the Eagles played Foles in the final preseason game in an audition, for any team still searching for a quarterback capable of starting in the NFL.

The night didn’t go quite according to plan as far as the Eagles were concerned. Foles did escape the night healthy, which was remarkable based on the makeshift offensive line that played in front of him. However, the display that was put on based on the time he was given could not have helped any case for getting something in return for him. He did not complete a single pass in the first quarter and has not thrown a touchdown pass all preseason. He most definitely did not look comfortable behind center, based on the fact that he was avoiding the rush for most of the night.

The Eagles took a gamble on playing Foles and trying to up his value, which begs the question as to just what are they trying to get out of the 2013 season?

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