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Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart: Cornerbacks And Safeties

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Andy Reid: Head Coach Kansas City Chiefs

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs' secondary is much improved because of the additions of Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson. Also, in the safeties, Quintin Demps and Hussain Abdullah should provide great depth behind starters Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis. I expect the Chiefs to only carry four cornerbacks but up to six safeties as they really have a good safeties bunch that will make a lot of plays.

Last year the Chiefs had trouble against the pass because they didn't have corners who could cover. Sean Smith is a huge cornerback that should help against the bigger more physical receivers in the league this year and Smith will also free up Brandon Flowers and Dunta Robinson to get the speedier more elusive wide outs. I don't expect a lot of picks from this unit but I do expect a lot of man-to-man bump and run coverage that comes over with Bob Sutton from New York Jets.

Sutton loves to let his corners play one-on-one and send a lot of different blitzes at the quarterback with his front seven. But that doesn't mean he wont blitz with his safeties and the occasional cornerback. This unit should be physical and I believe will help the Chiefs have a top-ten defense this year. With a great defense, and a great running game with Charles, Davis and the underrated offensive line of the Chiefs, you shouldn't see Alex Smith put up big numbers, except in the wins column, the only place that it matters. Here is the list of the Cornerbacks and Safeties who made the 53-man roster.

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Brandon Flowers: First String Cornerback

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Brandon Flowers is clearly a top-20 cornerback in the NFL and some would argue top-10 cornerback in the NFL. He has transformed himself from a cover 2 corner to one of the best man corners in the league. Despite his size, Flowers gets the jobs done consistently. Expect him to make another Pro Bowl appearance this year.

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Sean Smith: Second String Cornerback

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Sean Smith is a big physical cornerback who should match up weekly with the big physical receivers that are so prevalent in today's NFL. Look for him to have a good campaign as a bump and run corner, which he didn't get to play a lot of in Miami where they played more off coverage.

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Dunta Robinson: Third String Cornerback

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Dunta Robinson comes into the Chiefs from Atlanta Falcons this year as our nickel corner. He played all over the field for Atlanta and I expect him to do the same for the Chiefs, blanketing those pesky slot receivers.

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Jalil Brown: Fourth String Cornerback

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Jalil Brown makes this team as the fourth string cornerback. He wont play as much as one would expect but he will be a vital part of four and five wide sets. He is a solid and reliable cornerback who has gotten better with a year under his belt.

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Kendrick Lewis: First String Free Safety

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Kendrick Lewis is the starting free safety for the Chiefs. He has had some injuries that have kept him off the field. He doesn't like to get dirty and tackle hard like he used to because of those injuries, but he is still a capable starting safety and should make up the back half of the Chiefs' secondary.

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Hussain Abdullah: Second String Free Safety

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Abdullah is the backup to Lewis but expect him to play a lot and rotate with Lewis on a consistent basis. They want to keep Lewis healthy and to do that they will most likely limit his snaps until he turns it around and becomes the fearless free safety that he used to be.

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Bradley McDougald: Third String Free Safety

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Bradley Mcdougald has really shown through strong in the preseason and that is why he has made this team as probably the No. 52 or No. 53 man.

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Eric Berry: First String Strong Safety

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Eric Berry can do it all from the safety position. He can cover backs, receivers and tight ends. He can blitz, play man and zone coverage, and he hits like a truck and runs like a deer. If all goes to plan for the Chiefs, I expect Berry to be in the hunt for defensive player of the year.

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Quintin Demps: Second String Strong Safety

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Demps comes over from Philadelphia with Reid. He is a solid backup and will provide great depth at the safety position for the Chiefs.