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Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart: Defensive Linemen

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Andy Reid: Head Coach Of Kansas City Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs defensive line is going to have a big season. They play a 3-4 defense with only three defensive lineman on the field at a time but should be much improved. Dontari Poe has one year of seasoning, Tyson Jackson is a stud against the run (even if he cant rush the passer) and Mike Devito is another strong run stuffer. With those three taking up blocks, Derrick Johnson and the linebackers will be able to fly to the ball and make plays. Also, under new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, I expect more sacks than the Chiefs have gotten out of their defensive line in the past few years. Under old coordinator Romeo Crennel, the Chiefs played more coverage, Sutton said that he wants his defensive line to wreck havoc and that means that he will let them unleash the beast and stop the run on the way to rushing the passer.

When the Chiefs put their opponents into second and third and long, they will bring in pass-rushing specialists to help bring the pressure. Mike Catapano, Allen Bailey and Anthony Toribio should help bring the pressure to sack the quarterback and get the defense off the field.

The Chiefs should be in the hunt for the most improved defense this year and the defensive line will be a big part of why the Chiefs are successful. Expect 20 sacks from the defensive line as a whole, which will put the Chiefs in good company considering that the Chiefs are going to get at least 20 sacks from Tamba Hali and Justin Houston combined. With that being said, here is the depth chart for the Kansas City Chiefs defensive line on their 53-man roster.

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Tyson Jackson: Run-Stopping Defensive End

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Tyson Jackson should be able to put more pressure on the quarterback under Sutton this year mostly because he is relentless and plays through the whistle. I expect him to have 3-4 sacks, which is enough for a run stopper.

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Dontari Poe: Starting Nose Tackle. Everydown Player.

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Dontari Poe is a first-pick that is blossoming and should be a player that makes the Pro Bowl this year. He is getting better with his technique and I expect him to have 4-5 sacks on the season. If he has eight sacks on the year, he might make the All-Pro team as well.

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Jerrell Powe: 2nd-String Nose Tackle

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Jerrell Powe is the backup nose tackle that is good substitute for Dontari Poe. He is really strong and has a great rip and dip move to get pressure on the quarterback. Expect him to play solid against the run and not lose a beat when he is in for Poe.

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Mike Devito: Run-Stopping Defensive End

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Mike Devito comes over from the New York Jets. He is underrated and should have another spectacular year as the starting defensive end for his new team. Devito is a run specialist and another relentless player that plays through the whistle.

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Allen Bailey: Pass-Rushing Defensive End In Third Downs

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Allen Bailey is a pass rushing specialist that probably will replace Mike Devito in third down situations. He is coming into his own this year and should provide really good pressure when in. Expect him to be part of a unit that produces over 20 sacks this year.

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Anthony Toribio: 3rd-String Nose Tackle/Defensive End

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Toribio is the third-string nose tackle and defensive end. He is all about technique and can hold his own when in there subbing for Poe and Powe. I don't expect him to be on field much, but in a rotation, he may get 15 plays or so.

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Mike Catapano: Pass-Rushing Defensive End In Third Downs

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Mike Catapano is a seventh-round pick of this year's NFL draft. He has shown flashes of promise but has been injured most of the time. He might produce, but not early in the year.