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Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart: QBs & RBs

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Andy Reid: Head Coach Kansas City Chiefs

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The Chiefs finally have a legitimate quarterback. That's right Chiefs fans, Alex Smith is a productive game manager who wont lose us games (unlike previous quarterbacks from last year, I wont mention names).

Alex Smith came over from San Francisco in a trade this offseason for a couple of draft picks. He is at his best when he has a strong defense behind him and a good running game. The Chiefs defense should be improved upon from last year when they played more coverage than attacking and blitzing. Under Bob Sutton, new defensive coordinator, the Chiefs will blitz more than they have in five years and will be a really good defense. The running game was ranked fifth in the NFL last year and Jamaal Charles ran for over 1500 yards in less than 300 carries.Having both the running game and the defense this year, Alex Smith will shine like he did in San Francisco the past two seasons and have another efficient year at quarterback.

Behind Smith we have a reliable backup in Chase Daniel who we got in free agency from New Orleans. And our developmental quarterback is Tyler Bray who looked really good in the last preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, throwing for three touchdowns.

In the runningbacks, we have the All-Pro in Jamaal Charles. He is backed up by rookie Kniles Davis, a third-round pick of the 2013 NFL draft this offseason. Behind him is Cyrus Gray, who should spell the one-two punch of Charles and Davis sparingly but effectively. The only fullback on the team is Anthony Sherman, who we got in a trade with the Cardinals for Javier Arenas. Here is the list of the Depth Chart for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks and runningbacks and what to expect out of them this year.

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Alex Smith: 1st-String Quarterback

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Alex Smith comes over from San Francisco 49ers in a trade for two second-round picks if the Chiefs make the playoffs this year or one second and one third round pick if we don't make the playoffs. Smith was the No. 1 overall draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, the same draft that Aaron Rodgers dropped to late in the first-round to Green Bay Packers. Smith is a good game manager and won't lose games for the Chiefs because he limits turnovers. He also wont win too many games on his own for the Chiefs. Fortunately enough, the Chiefs had the fifth-best rushing attack in the league last year, spearheaded by Jamaal Charles. Look for Alex Smith to put up similar numbers to Matt Cassel in 2010, the last time the Chiefs went to the playoffs (27 touchdowns, seven interceptions).

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Chase Daniel: 2nd-String Quarterback

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Chase Daniel is the backup to Alex Smith. He hasn't shown much in the preseason but some of the blame has to be on the second and third string offensive lines which were horrible. Hopefully, Chase will have a nice season holding a clipboard and taking notes.

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Tyler Bray: 3rd-String Quarterback

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Tyler Bray is an undrafted free agent rookie out of Tennessee. He has a cannon of an arm but didn't get drafted because of poor decision making on and off the field. He looked a bit shaky in the first two games of action in the preseason but in the fourth game against the Green Bay Packers he showed up big time throwing for three touchdowns in a blowout victory. He might not get any playing time this year, but keep an eye on him for future seasons. If he progresses and shows skills like he had against the Packers, he might just be the starter one day.

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Jamaal Charles: 1st-String Runningback

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Jamaal Charles is by my estimation the best runningback in the league. His 5.8 yards per carry average is the highest in NFL history and he might be the best home run threat of any runningback in the NFL. Under Andy Reid, Charles might not lead the league in rushing, but he might just eclipse 2000 total yards from scrimmage because of how Reid will use him in the passing game. Look for him to be the focal point of the Chiefs offense in every game they play this year.

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Knile Davis: 2nd-String Runningback

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Knile Davis is a third-round pick in the 2013 NFL draft this past year. He has the size and speed one covets at the runningback position but had a down year in college and was coming off of injuries. He has to take care of the football and be able to catch the ball out of the backfield, but if Davis can do that he should get about 10 touches a game in spelling Jamaal Charles in the backfield.

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Cyrus Gray: 3rd-String Runningback

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Cyrus Gray shouldn't probably wont suit up on Sundays for the Chiefs. Either he or Draughn wont make the active roster on game day and my money is on Gray who hasn't looked as good as Draughn in the preseason.

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Anthony Sherman: 1st-String Fullback

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Sherman is the one and only fullback on the roster for the Chiefs. He is a decent fullback with some potential, but look for him to pave the way for our two-headed running game of Charles and Davis.