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NFL Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart: Special Teams

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Andy Reid: Head Coach Kansas City Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs special teams should be just that this year, special. Dave Toub comes over from the Chicago bears where he made Devin Hester famous. He got Devin Hester to be the highest paid return man in NFL history and he will do the same for one or more of the Kansas City Chiefs special team players this year. Already this preseason, the Chiefs have had two touchdowns on special teams and a whole bunch more yardage returning punts and kickoffs. Toub is a master at getting his players in the right position and under him; I expect at least three touchdowns from special teams and an extra win or two on the season because of them. That could equate to the Chiefs going from 8-8 to 10-6, which might just get them into the playoffs.

Ryan Succop is a solid NFL kicker and along with punter Dustin Colquitt and long snapper Thomas Gafford, they make up the heart of our special teams unit. Kick returners Devon Wylie and Dexter McCluster should provide us with some special moments this year and I expect Colquitt and McCluster to make the Pro Bowl based on special teams help.

Regardless If any one of the special team players do or don't make the Pro Bowl, I expect the Chiefs special teams to be fun to watch this year. Toub has turned this special teams unit around in short order and has them all believing that they can make the ultimate difference in wins and losses for the Chiefs. That's all you want from you special teams, an edge over your opponent.

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Dave Toub: Special Teams Coach

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Toub deserves his own slide for how he has changed the Chiefs special teams and made them into a legitimate threat this preseason. Opponents will have to spend more hours trying to figure out how to stop the Chiefs returns and that means less time game planning to how to beat the other two phases of the Chiefs team.

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Thomas Gafford: Long Snapper

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Thomas Gafford has been with the Chiefs for over five years. He is a solid long snapper that I cant ever remember throwing one over the head of Dustin Colquitt or bouncing one for Ryan Succop to kick. He is a vital part of what makes the Chiefs special teams click but will get no love from anyone except me.

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Ryan Succop: Kicker

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A solid kicker who makes more that 80% of his tries. You can't ask for any more than that out of a kicker and he does the job more often than not, especially during crunch time.

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Dustin Colquitt: Punter

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An All-Pro caliber punter. He set the NFL record for most punts inside the 20-yard line last year. He comes from a family of punters (his brother is the punter for Denver) and just signed a monster contract for a punter this offseason that will keep him a Chief for years to come.

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Devon Wylie: Return Specialist

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I think that Wylie will win out the return job because of his speed and the fact that the Chiefs will not want to use McCluster too much on special teams because they want to save him for offense. Wylie is a speed burner that has yet to put it together but has had some nice returns under Toub this preseason.

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Dexter McCluster: Return Specialist

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McCluster is the other option as a returner and probably the safer of the two if I had to pick. McCluster is quicker than fast but he is definitely quick enough to return one to the house if given the chance.