Make Or Break Season For Tennessee Titans' Jake Locker?

By Trevor Lowry
Jake Locker
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans were not a very good team last year and a lot of that had to deal with the quarterback position, among many other things. However, one of the quarterbacks that will have to step up and take over this team in the upcoming season is Jake Locker. Is it a make or break season for him?

Luckily, Locker is still young at 25 years old. However, the QB position is the most demanding one in the NFL. Many quarterbacks only have one shot at success and some QBs thrive in that position and others obviously do not.

For Locker, this may be a make or break season. Hopefully for him, it is a make season.

He was not that great last year, throwing for 2,176 yards, 10 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and a completion percentage of 56.4. It is also important to note that he ran for 291 yards and one score on the ground.

Locker was the No. 9 pick in the NFL draft not too long ago and he needs to show that potential. If he does not succeed right away, I am sure the Titans will have no problem starting Ryan Fitzpatrick. However, it is not like Locker’s leash is that short. Tennessee will likely let him play most of the season and assuming it is not a complete disaster, he should finish off the year as the starter.

It is not easy being a young quarterback in this league and it may be a make or break season for Locker. Whether the case, he must lead Tennessee to a better record than 6-10–last year’s record.

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