Michael Vick Will Struggle For New Head Coach Chip Kelly

By Ben Sullivan
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I’m inappropriately excited for Chip Kelly to unleash his innovative offense on the NFL. The league, which has been the most progressive of all sports, has been primed the last few years for him to bring his version of up-tempo offense to the field.

The problem is that he needs the right quarterback to run his system. He needs someone who makes quick decisions, doesn’t freelance too much and takes care of the ball. Basically, he needs anyone other than Michael Vick.

Vick won the job by default this summer. Nick Foles has career backup written all over him, and Matt Barkley isn’t ready for primetime yet. Vick has at least shown the ability for NFL success, but those days are getting further and further behind us.

The problem for Vick has always been that the more film defensive coordinators get on him, the more they’re able to stop him. He took the league by storm, the league figured him out, then he started to struggle. And that happened twice.

That could end up being the same problem for Kelly and his offense. It’s done pretty well in the preseason, but in the preseason, defensive coordinators haven’t put the same effort into game planning as they will in the regular season.

Once the games start counting and they get more tape to study, the defensive coordinators will start coming up with schemes to slow him down.

That’s where things could really break down for Vick. He’s prone to making mistakes with ball when things don’t go exactly as planned. Once the defensive coordinators start playing chess with Kelly instead of checkers, Vick and his flaws will be exposed.

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