New England Patriots' Decision to Cut Tim Tebow Validates New York Jets

By Greg Sulik
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets took all kinds of criticism for their handling of the Tim Tebow situation last year. They were accused of not giving him a fair chance, not understanding how to use him and of simply wanting to ignore his presence on the team.

The Jets cut Tebow, and he signed with the rival New England Patriots.

Many observers believed (rather foolishly) that the Patriots would somehow bring out the best in Tebow, and that reuniting him with Josh McDaniels would turn him into a decent NFL quarterback.

Well, those people couldn’t have been more wrong.

After watching Tebow in training camp in and the preseason, the Patriots found out what the Jets already knew: Tebow is not anything close to an NFL-caliber quarterback. The Pats released Tebow today, and his chance in the NFL is likely over.

The decision by the Patriots validates the Jets’ handling of the Tebow situation last year. The fans and media clamoring for Tebow to start in New York weren’t there in practice, where it was safe to assume the Jets’ coaching staff was watching the same inaccurate QB that Tebow has always been. The Jets couldn’t figure out how to use Tebow not because of incompetence on their part, but because Tebow isn’t any good.

Tebow is a career 47.9 percent passer, which is beyond in horrible in a league where below 60 percent is unacceptable. Without the ability to threaten defenses through the air, he never had a chance to be an effective player or help the Jets. On the ground, Tebow does not possess exceptional speed or quickness, and he is little more than a power fullback.

Of course they will never admit it, but those who criticized the Jets’ handling of Tebow don’t look so smart now. The reality is that no organization is going to be able to turn him into a starting quarterback. The Jets just happened to find that out before anyone else.

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