New England Patriots Release Tim Tebow: What's Next?

By Kris Hughes
Tim Tebow
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With NFL teams being required to trim their rosters down to 53-men by 5 pm central today, plenty of guys have been given their outright release over the course of the past 48 hours. The most recent to see the chopping block is New England Patriots QB Tim Tebow, who according to multiple sources has been released by this morning.

Tebow nominally was locked in a back-up battle with Ryan Mallett behind future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, but in reality, his release was imminent after another poor pre-season in which he again failed to show with any certainty that he could compete at the NFL level as a quarterback.

The questions now, which have been pondered before, will be pondered again about the future of the former Florida Gators star who has yet to make his mark on the pro game, and has now seen stints with three different NFL teams in less than four years. Will another team be desperate enough to take him on as a backup or clipboard-carrying third-stringer? Will another team take him on and abandon the notion of him playing quarterback, and do their best to try and transform him into playing another position? Will Tebow realize his limitations and walk away from the game towards a new path?

It’s hard — off-hand, anyhow — to think of a team in the league willing to take a risk on Tebow unless the risk was minimal financially, and the need for him to be a contributor apart from the most dire of situations not a reality.

The facts are, regardless of whether another team gives Tebow an opportunity, the cuts and his nomadic trend suggests there is little chance he can play in the league. Some guys have the foresight to realize this, and walk away with enough time to save face and move on to another walk of life before a minor failure turns into pathetic desperation.

Will Tim Tebow fit this mold?

Only time will tell, but I can pretty much promise you, there isn’t a General Manager in the NFL this morning as I write this article that will want to be the first one to blink and give him yet another opportunity. Opportunities in the NFL are in short-order and must be capitalized upon for a career of any merit to be built.

They don’t grow on trees.

Tim Tebow’s opportunities have been wasted and it’s hard to believe another is out there waiting for him — at least in professional football.


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