New Orleans Saints Are Desperate For Pass Rushers

By Alejandro Aviles
New Orleans Saints Pass-Rush
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The New Orleans Saints had the worst defense in the NFL last season and it appears that they might be headed for the bottom of the defensive standings for the second season in a row. The Saints will be switching from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 defense this season under new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Ryan will definitely have his work cut out for him this season as the Saints have been plagued with injuries before the season has even started.

The Saints will be without Kenyon Coleman, Victor Butler, Will Smith, Joe Morgan and Chris Chamberlain, who will all be out for the season with various injuries. Four of the five players injured are all on the defensive line and were expected to help improve the Saints’ pass rush, but unfortunately the team is now incredibly thin at linebacker.

Martez Wilson and Junior Galette will have to carry the load for the Saints’ pass rush, and while they both are very promising players, they are also inexperienced in the 3-4 defense. The Saints’ defense will be a work in progress this season and there will be plenty of growing pains. As teams begin to trim down their roster to get to the 53-man limit, the Saints will surely be looking at pass rushers that can help ease the loss of so many players.

The Saints will likely make some moves to bring in some more linebackers and defensive ends to add depth to the defensive line. Ryan will need to get the most out of his defensive players if the Saints’ defense is to improve. Right now the Saints’ pass rush is not in great shape, but hopefully they will have a few surprises up their sleeves. 


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