New York Giants Roster Cuts: Tyler Sash Appears to be Gone

By Jay Cullen
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Tyler Sash has been cut. He posted on twitter thanking the Giants for the opportunity, a classic way to go out after having been cut.

That means the New York Giants are down three safeties to start the year. Stevie Brown tore an ACL, Will Hill is suspended and Sash has just been cut.

At first glance, this move seems nonsensical. The Giants have Ryan Mundy and Antrel Rolle starting at safety, but no one backing them up. Sash was supposed to be the backup, but after some poor play and a concussion the Giants cut bait and let him go. That leaves some very open questions for the Giants, and a lot of pressure on their secondary.

If this were a different franchise, many would accuse the front office of being short sighted and plain stupid (even though they too make mistakes), but surely the Giants have a plan. Two things went into this decision. One, they are confident that Terrell Thomas, who usually plays corner, can be a reasonable backup at safety if necessary, and two, they plan on signing another player.

Many Giant fans may hope Kenny Phillips will be that veteran, but he does not really make sense. Phillips is currently injured and cannot contribute right away. Once Hill returns from suspension in Week 5 the Giants should have reasonable depth, so Phillips does not fill the short-term hole as needed.

The Giants probably have a plan to replace Sash, but it is a disappointment he did not work out. Sash was drafted in the sixth round in 2011 by the Giants and had some promise, but never panned out. He also tested positive for an undisclosed substance last season, missing four games. He claimed it was Adderall, but many players make the claim because the NFL does not publish the listed substance. While his story was believable, any failed drug test should raise eyebrows. The combination of his slow development, failed drug test and recent concussion lead to his departure from the Giants. Sash is one of the lucky ones, he will probably find another job on another team, but his cut is certainly a setback for him.

The Giants, on the other hand, have some important decisions to make in order to avoid their own setback.

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