Pat White Saga Continues For Washington Redskins

By Greg Bradshaw
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Polarizing quarterback Tim Tebow was unable to survive the New England Patriots‘ final cuts, having been released by the team. However, the less publicized comeback of quarterback Pat White continues as he has earned a roster spot on the Washington Redskins.

White was a long shot to make the Redskins’ roster, considering that they are deep at the position with Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman assured of roster spots. White made the most of his opportunities, leading Washington’s offense on touchdown drives during the preseason that belied the fact that he had been out of the NFL for three years.

While White has a strong arm and great running ability, his accuracy isn’t efficient enough to warrant significant playing time during the upcoming season. However, Griffin III and Cousins’ playing statuses are currently up in the air, despite Griffin III getting medical clearance to settle into his role as Washington’s starting quarterback.

That leaves Grossman as the Redskins’ only healthy quarterback, which most Redskins’ fans know is a shaky proposition at best.

White has done enough to warrant his roster spot, as his presence will provide insurance behind Griffin III, Cousins and Grossman. His skills as a runner, as well as his strong throwing arm, would be perfect for the Redskins’ zone-read offense that RG3 engineers to near perfection.

Redskins fans never want to find out how well White can run the zone-read offense on a consistent basis, of course as that would mean RG3 and Cousins’ respective injuries have them standing on the sidelines instead of running Washington’s offense.

But I digress. It’s unlikely that the Redskins will keep White on the roster for long, considering that they really need to solidify their defense. Nevertheless, while Tebow’s release will get all the headlines, White’s work ethic proved that hard work and perseverance can pay off in the NFL.

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