Philadelphia Eagles Roster Cuts: Danny Watkins Released

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Watkins‘ time as a Philadelphia Eagle is up. The former first-round pick just never developed into the consistent offensive lineman the team thought he would.

Watkins came out of college close to being a sure thing. He was pegged as a player ready to start right away along the offensive line, and the Eagles desperately needed a guard to fill in a spot along the starting five.

The Eagles admitted later that they had drafted based on need rather than best available player. Big mistake. It just never panned out for Watkins in midnight green.

He did not take well to Howard Mudd‘s in-your-face and demanding style of coaching as journeyman, and off-the-street free agents passed Watkins on the depth chart at guard. Watkins also never displayed the versatility he showed in college. The team believed they had a player that could play both tackle and guard at the next level but in reality, Watkins was strictly a guard.

Watkins also never looked like he had a clue in pass protection. His hand placement and technique was all wrong, and his feet were not a strong suit. To be so raw and green to the league in his late 20’s was a sign that it may not work out for Watkins.

Watkins was one of the last holdovers of a 2011 draft that doesn’t look too productive for the Eagles. There are only five players now left from that draft on the roster, and two of them are in real danger of being cut.

Watkins was an Andy Reid selection. He is now gone. Let’s hope the Eagles have learned their lesson to draft best player available instead of need. Watkins is a prime example of what happens when you force a draft pick.

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